"Heather & Ken"


We have been rebuilding a boat together for the past 2 years. We bought a 28 ft cabin cruiser that had been sitting in a field for 2 years, had animals and bugs living in it and was too scary to climb down into the living quarters. After much sweat, design, cleaning, gutting, repair and money we have an amazing 30 year old restored beauty. So that being said I thought it was perfect for the engagement evening. I told Heather since it was due to storm early Sat. that we should clean and pack the boat and go out late afternoon for dinner and fireworks ( the Disney fireworks are amazing over Lake Tibet on the Butler chain ) I also managed to have all children gone for the night. I was cleaning and packing, I managed to swing the galley sink nozzle out of the way and left it pointing over the counter. Later in the morning I proceed to turn the water pump on to work on a freshwater hose on the back of the boat not realizing the galley sink valve was in the ON position. When I turned the water pump on, the galley sink started flowing over the counter ( not into the sink ) and started to fill the forward bedroom with 20 gallons of water!!!!!!!! I think I’m the only Captain to sink his own boat on DRY land ! Needless to say it took us a few horrible, hot and sweaty hours to bail it out, clean it up and dry it out. Once we finished, Heather no longer wanted to go out on it ! Gee... could we get some more stress to my day! Well after she cooled off and forgave my stupid mistake she decided we should proceed with the evening plans. The storms somehow missed the lake and we went out at 3pm. We had the lake to ourselves since the weather scared many away, we grilled steaks and had some champagne, the sunset was amazing and I gave her the ring which she had noooo clue was coming and then the fireworks ended the perfect evening. SHE LOVES IT! It fits perfectly, she said she would have picked it herself, she loves that its vintage and she even loved the vintage looking box it came in. So thank you both for all the help and know you now have 2 big fans of Bay Hill Jewelers and particularly both of you!


"Rikki & Chris"

My fiancé and I had the best shopping experience at the Park Avenue location last week. Lauren and Igor worked tirelessly to find us the perfect wedding bands and they did and we absolutely love them! I’ve left a Yelp review and would love to leave a review anywhere else I can in order to spread the word about the level of service that’s shown at your Winter Park store.

Thanks so much!


"Emily F."
Stacey and her team at Bay Hill Jewelers made the absolute engagement ring of my dreams! I can't even begin to thank her for creating the most magical piece of jewelry for the start of our marriage. She was able to capture and display the diamond from my mom's ring and create something completely my own without losing any sentiment or beauty. She's created a few other family pieces for us and I just couldn't be more grateful for our relationship with BHJ!